Personalized Fitness Plans by Atlas Health & Fitness

Do you want to practice a healthy lifestyle but have no time to make it to the gym? If you are in Fairfield or Westchester County, you can enjoy these workouts in the comfort of your home! We can schedule in-house personal training sessions to fit your schedule and busy life.

At Atlas Health & Fitness, we help our clients reach their fitness goals by providing superior personal training services. Our training programs are customized to fit each of your unique needs.

How It Works

Every session, one of our personal fitness coaches will come to your home with high-quality equipment to get your workout started. We will also bring materials to track your progress and assess your fitness level.

Our Programs

When you schedule in-home fitness training with us, we will make sure to discuss your fitness goals with you. This will help us develop the best fitness plan for your health and lifestyle. The exercises we will do include:

1 on 1 Training

At Atlas we apply a “lifestyle” approach to training.

We will put together a training program suited to your individual goals and lifestyle.  But it doesn't stop there. As you progress we constantly make changes to make sure that as you reach 1 goal we start moving towards the next one.


Corporate Wellness Program

Designed for companies  who want to offer their employees access to on site group classes  Our Wellness Program is a group class conducted either before the work day starts or after it ends.  

The class offers a customized HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes designed to promote a healthy lifestyle within a group environment.


Duet Training

Training with a partner can make exercise more fun and enjoyable.  That's why our duet program is a training session meant for 2 to 4 people.  Its a small group training session that still offers individual attention.


Atlas Combat Training

Our Combat Training program combines and at home self defense class within a personal training session.  You will learn various self defense techniques along with traditional resistance and cardiovascular exercises.


Atlas Sports Academy

Understanding that there is no such thing as “sports specific Training”  our sports academy works with athletes of all ages and skills levels, to increase muscle endurance as well as:

  • Power
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Stamina

Led by master trainer Marc Lugo each athlete is given a training program geared towards their specific needs and goals.