Experienced In-House Personal Fitness Training Professionals

About Atlas Health & Fitness

At Atlas Health & Fitness, we have a team of professional coaches specializing in in-home personal training. We personalize fitness plans depending on the ideal program and the available equipment and space to you. Our trainers will also provide you with the items and information you need to reach your goal.

We offer so much more than just the occasional workout. Our training sessions and fitness programs will help you learn to live healthy every day.


The Person in Charge

Our company was founded by Alex Giotis, and he has been a personal fitness coach for more than 20 years. His approach to personal fitness is unique, helping his clients learn how to treat fitness as a lifestyle and not something that you only spend a bit of your time on each week.

Our Core Values

It is our goal to help you learn how to make fitness a part of your everyday lifestyle.

Why Choose Us

At Atlas Health & Fitness, we work with clients of all ages and fitness levels. We will come to you with a workout plan tailored to your lifestyle and fitness goals. Our team will be relentless in keeping you on track and motivated, and we will also help you stay positive as you aim towards your fitness goals.

You can trust that we will arrive at your home on time, and we will treat your property with respect.

Get in Touch With Us

You can’t beat the results of experienced personal training, which is what you’ll receive from Alex and his team of personal trainers at Atlas Health & Fitness. Contact us today to get started.